This spiritual, conference and accommodation center was set up by the Congregation of Sisters of the Blessed Savior in Jacob's Square, in the old town of Bratislava. There is also a nurse monastery, a provincial residence and a charity home for nurses, as well as a dining establishment with a beautiful garden.

Daily menu - from 11.30 to 14.00

Price - 4,50 €

NEW!!! - from 25.3.2019 selection of 2 daily menu

Wednesday 20.3.2019

GARDEN CLOSED (action reservation)

Thursday 21.3.2019

Soup: French Soup

Mainly food:

1. Spaghetti Bolognesse with cheese * Allergens: 1,3,7

Friday 22.3.2019

Soup: Sour soup

Mainly food:

1. Baked cauliflower with cheese, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber

* Allergens: 1.3.7

Monday 25.3.2019

Soup: Vegetable Soup

Main meal:

1. Kung Pao, Rice, Sky, * Allergens: 5.6.

2. Steamed cakes with poppy or cocoa * Allergens: 1.7

Tuesday 26.3.2019

Soup: Tomato with cheese,

Main meal:

1. Red Wine Beef Fillet, Tartar, Salad * Allergens: 3.7 2.

2. Lentil, Fillet, Bread * Allergens: 1.3.7

Wednesday 27.3.2019

Soup: Garlic with cheese and croutons

Main meal:

1. Chicken steak with mozzarella and tomato, roasted potatoes, garnish * Allergens: 1,3, 2.

2. Mixed lettuce, dried tomatoes, grilled feta cheese, toasts * Allergens: 1.3

Thursday 28.3.2019

Soup: Cabbage with Sausage

Main meal:

1. Moravian sparrow, stewed cabbage, steamed dumplings * Allergens: 1,3,7

2. Bryndza gnocchi with bacon * Allergens: 1.7

Friday 29.3.2019

Soup: Bean Sour,

Main meal:

1. Chicken steak on bacon, rice with peas, vegetable garnish, * Allergens: 1,3,7 2.

2. Bread roll with curd and fruit * Allergens: 3.7


It is the motto of the sisters and, together with the logo of the congregation "De Fontibus Salvatoris" (from the sources of the Savior), in the midst of the desert of a busy city or hectic way of life, it wants to offer a chance to stop. Indeed, in this Word of God there is a promise that man will certainly draw "living water" from the springs of salvation, in addition to joy. Like Samaritan after talking to Jesus at James's well. (The Salvator Center is located in the James Square ...) According to the wishes of its founder, Alfonso Maria, the sisters want to give guests at Center Salvator through their service the experience that God loves everyone, cares for him, wants him to be happy, and his life went well. That's why the Salvator Center invites everyone who wants to find an oasis in the wilderness somewhere nearby.

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